Shukokai Karate Finland

Shukokai karate

What is Shukokai karate?

Shukokai karate is a traditional Japanese style of martial art developed by Chojiro Tani and Shigeru Kimura in 1940’s. Shukokai karate teaches you important self-defence skills including punches, kicks, blocks and their varying combinations, developing you both mentally and physically. Respect and safety is paramount in this style, both in and out of the dojo.

Shukokai karate globally

Kimura Shukokai karate has spread its wings to over 20 countries around the world including Europe, North America, Africa and Asia. Today Kimura Shukokai International is one of the biggest single style karate organisations. Shihan Yrjö Pursiainen (8th dan) has established Shukokai karate in Finland in 1970’s and now we have 15 karate clubs around the country.

Shukokai karate: way for all

Anyone can start karate. Necessary skills and physical condition develop with training. You can set your own goals – whether you want to train self-defence skills or even compete at World Championships level. The style is very diverse, because you can compete individually or as a team in fighting (kumite) or in a set combination of movements (kata). Karate often becomes as a lifestyle for many.

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Chief Instructor of Finland

Liikuntaneuvos Yrjö Pursiainen
8. dan shihan

Head of Communications

Sensei Päivi Kuparinen-Heikkinen 6. dan

050 523 1828


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EspooSensei Mika Huuhtanen 7.
Espoo KFKSensei Jouko Koskinen 7.
HaminaSensei Juha Vahtikari 6.
HelsinkiSensei Jarmo Rajala 6.
ImatraSensei Esa Kaplas 7. dan,
Jari Lievonen 2. dan
JärvenpääSensei Jukka Tuhkanen 4.
KotkaSensei Kari Aalto 5.
LappeenrantaSensei Esa Kaplas 7.
LaukaaSensei Jouni Hirvonen 4.
OuluSensei Jarmo Sakko 5.
PorvooSensei Uuno Aalto
SavitaipaleAntti Vanhanen 1.
SavonlinnaSensei Antti Pöllänen 6.
TammisaariSensei Päivi Kuparinen-Heikkinen 6. dan,
Guido Grönroos 2.dan
VantaaSensei Jari Vesterinen 7.